GROUNDless is a TV and Film production company and platform for ALTERNATIVE SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS ADVERTISING, MUSIC, ART, LITERATURE, PERFORMANCE, and EDUCATION. Founded by multimedia artist, Norah Dineen, the Company serves as an alternative structure to POP culture by transcending boundaries, giving voice to the collective, and operating outside the fast-paced consumer-saturated arts industries. The basic tenets on which the Company’s name is derived, come from Buddhist nun, Pema Chödron who teaches about having the ability to live without security and existing in the unknown. It is in this liminal space and through letting go that people can connect and return to a more natural sustainable place of inclusion, gravitating toward working together and being inspired by the process and sharing a creative experience.

As a company, GROUNDless does not engage in the high stress, adrenalizing, red carpet hierarchy or gallery scene in which celebrities and creatives are in and out of fashion. GROUNDless understands the struggles that are common to artists and believes that through healing and empowerment, makers can move to a deeper level of creativity. We take an ethical and holistic perspective with an emphasis on inclusivity, doing away with the disembodiment and the industry’s obsession with objectification, classification, and alienation. We aspire to the longevity of women’s careers in the arts and eliminating the “do it alone” model. We desire that films, music, and performances merge, bringing us back into the body, as opposed to losing ourselves in stories, fantasy, and distraction.  GROUNDless seeks to facilitate the healing of the collective body and thus over time offer a meaningful and therapeutic model beyond the entertainment industry.

In a post-COVID world, and with an increasing hard line separation between nations, GROUNDless seeks to create dialogue by producing FILM and TV series and creative projects which bring different cities and cultures into conversation with one another. We want to show that we have more in common in our everyday worlds together than we do apart, moving off the stage into nature and into creating spaces of unity.

We provide the following:

  • Initial consultation to provide support and feedback to filmmakers or anyone working in the fields of TV, Alternative Socially Conscious Advertising, Music, Art, Literature, Performance and Education.
  • Consultation at any stage of a creative’s project and access to a network which best meets those needs to further the project.
  • Fund projects aligned with our mission; see them through to post production phase and host on our platform.
  • Provide complete transparency regarding projects before, during, and after.
  • Educational program to support and create space for innovative thinking around what it means to be a woman, feminist and how colonial trauma can be healed to empower people, giving them voice to be courageous.

Upcoming Projects:

A Trilogy of feaature films that takes place across Berlin, LA and Athens, Greece. (in post production)

A series of Feature films set between London, Paris, Athens, Berlin, LA & New York.
(In Development)