Norah Dineen


My artistic practice reflects the rawness and honesty of my experiences, relationships, and heartbreak. I feel that we’ve stopped relating to each other and that we only ever try to sell or impress. It’s all ego driven and we’ve lost our minds. I desire for us to return to a heart-light level. Each painting and series  I have made has a story attached to it and is born from the integration of my varied interests and creative practices—film, acting, visual art, and performance art. I consider every film an opportunity and means to “process” the ego and allow inner guidance to flow.

Norah Dineen is an Irish-born interdisciplinary visual artist, Painter, photographer, Musician, independent producer, director, writer, and award-winning actress. Dineen has a deep interest in human connections and authentic experiences, offering calming and healing works that invite audiences to slow down, detach from devices, and focus on human connection. Through her creative practices, she represents the life-renewing process of evolution and growth to eradicate the prejudices inflicted on the body by the images in film and media. Her films exist in the space between the mystery of being and the realities of the human condition, and for her, represent a life-renewing process of evolution and growth. Dineen has received the Best Actress award for the film Sleep (2016) at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and Los Angeles Film Awards, as well as a Semi-Finalist for her film Northern Star (2018) by the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. She has exhibited throughout the world, including five solo exhibitions in Germany and group exhibitions in Greece, Brazil, London, and Ireland, and was accepted as an artist in-residence at A-Dash in Athens, Greece. Her formal training includes: Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, London; Actor Space Berlin. L’Institut des Etudes Politiques, Paris; and Trinity College Dublin,. She holds academic degrees in visual and performing arts, as well as politics, sociology and business.

Current Residence : London, UK.

Norah is an award winning Actor (IMDB, Spotlight & showreel link) , Producer, Filmmaker (Director, Writer, Cinematographer), Painter and Photographer.


  • Northern Star, 2018
  • A Short Story About Lying, 2015
  • "Said...”, 2017
  • Frigid I , 2017

  • TRUST, Trilogy of feature films, Berlin, LA and Athens, Greece. (IN POST PRODUCTION)


  • Managing Director: Norah Dineen
  • Assistant: Sarah O Connor


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