PHILOTIMO (In development)

After ANNIE (30, Irish), and TOM’s (36, Greek/British) relationship falls apart because they can’t share how they feel with one another,  Annie flees to Athens, colliding with herself and what she’s been running from.

VOICES (In development)

A global tv series and voyage of African migration and individual stories, creativity and history, over time and borders. This series allows each performer in the film to "author" their story, tracing individual histories, woven together to express AFRICA.  It converges industrial cities, where people have migrated to, with the landscape of where they come from. GROUNDless wishes to facilitate a second skin over cities to give expression to unheard voices and vulnerability, contrasting to an architecture and structure of one dimensional history. This will manifest as film projections on buildings in London, Paris, New York and LA. We are working with Nigerian Paris based opera singer Omo Bello weaving together stories past and present.


ANOMIE (In post production)

FRIGID II (In post production)